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There are thousands of strains out there, each with unique characteristics and effects. If you’re new to marijuana, it can feel overwhelming! It doesn’t have to be though. With a little bit of basic knowledge and a willingness to try new things, exploring the world of weed strains can be a blast. There’s a few things to think about before you walk in the door to your favorite Euflora location.

What effect are you looking for?

This is maybe the most important question to ask yourself when you’re choosing a strain. Cannabis strains fall into three categories: indica, sativa, and hybrids. Generally, if you’re looking for a relaxing feeling, you’ll go for an indica. An easy way to remember that is an Indica will put you In Da Couch. Sativas are known for the opposite; they’ll energize you and uplift you. Then there are hybrid strains, that all fall somewhere in the middle. So if you’re looking for something that’s going to be great during the daytime, or maybe a party with lots of friends, you’ll be better off with a sativa. If you need something to chill you out at the end of the night, or maybe help you sleep, that’s when you’d pick an indica.

What aroma do you like?

Each cannabis strain has a different “terpene profile”. Terpenes are essential oils found in the cannabis plant that are responsible for the scent and taste of the strain. (Specific terpenes are also sought for medical benefits, but that’s info for a different post). So much of the cannabis experience has to do with aroma. Just like tasting food or wine, you don’t get the full effect unless you can smell it! For example, strains high in A-Pinene will be piney and slightly woody. Caryophyllene will have a spicy, peppery aroma. Prefer something that smells citrusy? Try a strain that has a high quantity of linalool. When picking a cannabis strain, Euflora believes that being able to smell the flower first is extremely important. That’s why all our strains are presented in open-air, plexiglass containers, (accompanied by a description and additional information on iPads.)

Use the budtenders

You don’t have to figure this out on your own. Use the advice of our budtenders! Euflora’s budtenders are pros, that’s why they’re on the team. They know the details of each and every strain (and every product) that we offer. Talk to the budtenders about the kind of effects you’re looking for, and the type of scents that attract you. They’ll be able to guide you towards the perfect strain.

Remember, it’s not a race! Take your time reading about the different strains, smelling them, and asking the friendly Euflora budtenders lots of questions. Picking the right strain is part of the experience. There’s no need to rush it, and there’s no high-pressure sales tactics used in Euflora stores. We want you to enjoy the process!


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Cannabis extracts (also sometimes referred to by the term “concentrates”) can be intimidating and confusing for the newcomer. There are many different types, and they go in and out of style. It seems like there’s always something fresh popping up on the market! But don’t worry, we’ve done some of the background work for you. Below we’ve written a list of commonly found extracts with definitions. Treat this as a primer, and don’t be afraid to chat with our friendly Euflora budtenders for more guidance!


Wax – Wax is an extremely popular concentrate for dabbing. It is made by blasting plant material with solvent. Then, the material is heated at a low temperature while it’s whipped. Cannabis wax looks a bit like Cool Whip, but is a bit crumbly. It looks tasty, but don’t eat it!


Budder – Budder is very similar to wax but has more moisture in it. It isn’t whipped as much as wax when it’s being made, and has a more malleable and oily consistency.


Live Resin – This amazing innovation is made similar to how you’d make budder or wax, except your starting material is fresh-frozen plant. The flavor and aroma with live resin is fantastic, and this type of extract really captures the spirit of the live plant that it was made from. Ranging in color from light amber to yellow-gold, it often has a shiny, wet look to it.


Shatter – Shatter is one of the most popular types of extracts available today, and we believe that’s at least partly due to the way it looks… like shattered pieces of stain glass! Typically created by blasting plant material with butane, the extraction process used to make shatter removes the lipids and fats from the substance.


CO2 Oil – C02 oil is a type of concentrate that’s become popular over the years. It is viewed as a more natural substance since it’s made using C02 (which, of course, is a substance that occurs naturally and is produced by the human body). C02 oil is made with pressure and carbon dioxide to separate plant material. The finished product is usually an amber-colored oil. Typically, you’ll find C02 oil in vape cartridges.


Crumble – The process for making crumble is a lot like the way shatter is made, but the oils used to make crumble usually have a thicker consistency and more moisture, which contributes to giving this concentrate its cheese-like, crumbly body. When making crumble, lower heat is used (compared to shatter) which preserves more of the terpenes.


Bubble hash – You don’t see it as often as you used to, but bubble hash is still popular with DIYers and the slightly older crowd. Using ice water to separate plant matter from the THC, bubble hash can be mixed into joints, crumbled over a bowl, or even smoked by itself.


Rosin – Rosin has been around for as long as people have been smoking cannabis. In some parts of the world it’s the dominant method of consumption. Considered to be one of the most natural types of extracts, all it takes to create rosin is pressure and heat. Folks at home even make their own rosin with hair straighteners or tortilla presses! It usually has the appearance of amber-yellow sap.


Consider the above list to be just a primer. The cannabis concentrates world is deep and varied, and there is always something new to try. Don’t be intimidated! Our friendly budtenders will help you navigate, just stop by any Euflora location to get started!


June 1, 2018 administrator
Phone: (970) 925-6468

We are extremely excited to announce that we have opened our 6th retail location in the mountain community of Aspen. We decided it was a good time to join the Aspen community, and bring the legendary Euflora experience and customer service to both locals and the many people that come from all over the world to visit Aspen.

It’s a very long and complicated process to get a new retail store up and running, so we opted instead to purchase one that already existed, Stash, located at 710 East Durant Avenue. Stash has been part of the story of cannabis in Aspen from the very start, being one of the very first retail outlets in the town when it opened on March 5, 2015. They made history when the first retail cannabis purchase in Pitkin County was made at Stash, and we couldn’t be happier to continue the relationship with the community they’ve developed over the last several years.

Here at Euflora, we’re known for providing a unique and comfortable experience (using tablets to browse the different strains we offer, for example), and we wanted to make sure to bring that to our new Aspen location. That’s why we spent $100,000 to remodel the store. Customers will be able to get the same exceptional customers service at our Aspen location that they’ve come to expect at all Euflora retail stores.

So far, the reception from locals has been excellent! “I always shopped at the Aurora Southlands Euflora location when I’d visit my family,” says Carbondale resident Jessica McSorber, “it’s fantastic that I’m now able to shop at Euflora right here near home.”

All of our daily and weekly specials are available at our new Aspen location, and you can get all of your favorite strains (Sour Diesel, Blue Dream, Island Sweet Skunk, and Jack Flash, to name a few).

We’d like to invite both locals and visitors to Aspen to stop by, meet our friendly budtenders, and visit us at our new store. We’re located just one block from the Silver Queen Gondola, and are open every day from 9:00am to 10:00pm. Hope to see you soon!


April 17, 2018 administrator

We are very excited to announce our new location opening this spring in Longmont, Colorado.

Grand Opening April 27th!

250 S. Main Street Longmont, CO 80501

Hours of Operation:

9am-9:45pm Daily

Special Deals running through the weekend:

2 for $40 1g wax

2 for $20 Dixie Tarts

$.01 Joint with $50 purchase

$99 ounce and $20 1/8th on select strains

Thank you for all your support over the past 4 years as we expand throughout Colorado and beyond.


March 2, 2018 administrator

It’s recommended that you should let at least four hours pass between the time you smoke marijuana and the time you drive a car. The window for taking marijuana orally is six hours. However, these guidelines come with a few caveats.

The Trouble With Guidelines
However, it’s difficult to set hard parameters for safe time passed between smoking marijuana and getting behind the wheel because the effects of marijuana vary widely according to potency and tolerance. They are, in short, dose-dependent. So while it is helpful to suggest a window of hours between smoking and driving, it’s even more useful to get into the details.

Don’t Be High
No one should drive while high. If you’re “a little high,” as measured by how strong your buzz is, you shouldn’t get behind the wheel. Many of us think we can drive with a slight high. The first parameter for safe time passed between smoking marijuana and driving is that you shouldn’t be high at all.

Don’t Be Overconfident
Smokers who drive can underestimate the time they need by forgetting these factors:

There is a period during which you might not be feeling the “high” — you’re no longer recreating with marijuana — but your senses and reflexes aren’t yet what you’d like them to be for getting behind the wheel.

There are levels of being “straight” after smoking that are appropriate to normal driving conditions but not for emergencies. Skidding on black ice or having to swerve away from a pedestrian stepping into the street from between two parked cars, for example. It’s usually recommended that eight hours should pass between the feeling of euphoria has passed and the moment you drive.

Notice that there’s a certain inconsistency between that recommendation and the one listed further above (that you shouldn’t drive for four hours after smoking).

When recommendations clash, it’s better to go with the more conservative option and decide that you shouldn’t drive for eight hours after smoking marijuana.
A smoker might handle his or her vehicle faultlessly but still be in legal trouble if something goes wrong completely beyond your control.


Marijuana, Driving, and the Law
Don’t make the mistake of thinking that because marijuana might now be legal in your state it’s legal to drive while high. Even if there hasn’t been an accident, if you’re pulled over while driving high you’ll be cited for Driving Under the Influence, just as though you had had a martini.


Laws vary from state to state. Some have a zero-tolerance policy, together with broad interpretive powers granted to the police officer who has pulled you over. Don’t be surprised if the mere presence of weed paraphernalia in your vehicle is enough for a judge to decide in favor of the officer even though you hadn’t smoked in several days.

Marijuana is criticized for leading to a sedentary lifestyle. When it comes to driving, let this criticism become sound advice. The safest place to be high is on your couch.


January 11, 2018 administrator

Euflora is very excited to be hosting the 2018 #MileHigh420Celebration in the heart of Denver, Colorado.

Stay tuned for artist lineup announcements, activities, and new additions to this year’s festival as we #reimagine420

If you haven’t been following the news here’s a good breakdown of what all went down, alas, Euflora has been granted the permit to put on the Denver 420 festival. The official name of the event is Mile High 420 Festival

please visit the official festival website here:

MILE HIGH 420 Festival

*Updates to follow… we will be updating this post here.*

Headline acts announced:

featuring Lil Wayne, Lil Jon, Inner circle and The Original Wailers!


December 21, 2017 administrator

Cannabis has been used as medicine for thousands of years, but with the recent resurgence of medical marijuana, many patients have questions. Due to the murky legal territory of cannabis around the globe, some patients may wonder how medical marijuana use may affect their employment, or if it will show up on a drug test. Despite the unrivaled relief that medical marijuana provides for a variety of conditions, these are still important considerations.

Medical Cannabis is Still Cannabis

The reality is, regardless of why a person uses marijuana, it will still show up on a drug test. The most common type of drug test used today is called urinalysis. This process can detect the metabolites and byproducts of THC, which will be present in the body for a time after using medical marijuana. The length of time that THC use can be detected after stopping will vary for each person based on the frequency of use, duration of use, and individual biology.

When Might an Employer Drug Test?

Every employer has their own policies on drug testing, but there are a few guidelines that most companies use. Many companies will first do a pre-employment drug screen to check for drug use before hiring a new employee. Most companies will drug test an employee after hire if there is an accident which leads to physical harm, or if there are signs of intoxication on the job. Rarely, some employers may simply have a policy to randomly drug test their employees. Employees at these companies may be tested one or more times per year, or may never receive a drug test.

Looking Forward

Could medical marijuana be excluded from employment drug tests in the future? There is lots of precedent for this considering other prescription drugs. Many prescription drugs will show up on a drug test because they have a potential for abuse. If someone with a valid prescription is required to be screened, a Medical Review Officer may contact them after the test to verify that they do in fact have a prescription for the flagged substance.


Right now, it seems unlikely that these same privileges will be given to medical marijuana users. That said, it is up to the individual business (as well as their insurance policies) to decide. As more governments begin to allow medical marijuana use, businesses and insurance companies will likely start to treat medical cannabis as a medicine rather than an illicit substance.



November 30, 2017 administrator
If you’ve been following the developments unfolding over the past month regarding Euflora’s efforts to obtain the permit to manage Denver’s annual 420 Festival, here’s an update.
The city of Denver essentially setup a race to the permit office at 8am on November 21. At the outset it sounded like an unorthodox but technically “fair” way to release the permit. The only problem was that the City had not informed their security team of the details and this lead to several massive failures on their end. Check out this Surveillance footage that shows how things went down: http://www.9news.com/news/surveillance-video-shows-two-teams-race-to-apply-for-denvers-420-permit/495074867

While this was a very unfortunate turn of events after camping out for 27 days to be first in line, we are still optimistic that the City will name us the rightful permit recipient after investigating the facts.

We ask you to help us keep this issue front and center by sharing this with whomever would enjoy it. It’s been a fascinating ride thus far and we want to make sure the City of Denver cannot ignore the glaring fact that this permit process was unorganized, unfair, and very poorly handled.

We are hopeful that this technicality is overturned and the City will do the right thing. We have faith that our elected officials will see the string of failures that led to someone else breaking the rules and being rewarded for doing so.

We believe that we are the only group in contention that can manage 420 properly, with the funds and experience to put together a world class event. In fact some of the very same players that created the debacle on 420 this past April are back again and working closely with Smokey and company. We feel that this is a liability for the city of Denver and something that should not be allowed to happen.

Stay tuned…




November 8, 2017 administrator

For #November we #givethanks and have partnered with the @chandaplanfoundation 💚

Its #SocialSaturday at #Euflora and all day 2.5% of your sales go directly to our selected local charity of the month.

This amazing #501c3 #organization provides #access to #treatment & #healing services such as #acupuncture integrative therapyadaptive exercise and more to those with physical disabilities.

Come connect with these amazing individuals today @eufloraco Southlands store in #Aurora #Colorado from 4-8pm.

Every month we partner with #charities throughout #Colorado to #makeadifference in our #communities 🙏🏼 We are so #blessed to be a part of such an #incrediblemovement.




October 25, 2017 administrator


Denver Marijuana Mogul Begins Record Breaking
7 Day Attempt To Transform Troubled 420 Event

DENVER, Colo. – Oct. 25, 2017, 4:20PM – In a move that is sure to stir up an already red hot controversy,
Latino entrepreneur Pepe Breton is directly contesting the legitimacy of the longtime 420 Rally event
permit holder Miguel Lopez. Due to the high profile mishandling of 2017’s event, Lopez was banned by
the city of Denver from renewing for 2018 and is currently appealing the decision.

Breton, co-founder of the boutique dispensary group Euflora, is forcing the issue in a very public way by
lining up outside the Denver Parks & Recreation building a record 7 days before the deadline for issuing
Permits on November 1, 2017. Having secured his spot at the break of dawn, Breton is taking a stand.

“I won’t stand by while they get away with what they did to the park, to the city, and to the image of our
young industry” Breton stated. “We worked very closely with Lopez and company at the event this past
April. We were one of their biggest sponsors, and they simply couldn’t do what they promised. The
entire event was categorically mismanaged. They couldn’t pay their bills, their vendors or even clean up
their mess.”

Breton feels that a change in leadership at the rally is just what is needed to put the controversy to rest.
“It’s time to move beyond having a 420 Rally and turn this event into a celebration of legalization,
normalization and the responsible choice adults are free to make in Colorado” Breton explained.
“Euflora seeks to bring a more balanced approach to the event, with music, food and culture that
represents more than just the slim demographics that were catered to in the past.”

The city of Denver has been embroiled in a controversial battle since May when it issued a letter to the
event organizer and Chicano activist Miguel Lopez and his lawyer Rob Corry. In the letter, the city alleges
a long list of permit violations that occurred during the event Lopez and company held April 20, 2017 at
Denver’s Civic Center Park. The city cites many violations including:

  • Insufficient security in place: 16 guards total in 2017 compared with over 50 in years prior
    meant that lines to enter the event lasted for hours and became hostile.
  • Endangering public safety: A fence to the event was pushed over by frustrated people in line
    and a crowd streamed in without being checked for weapons, contraband, etc.
  • Multiple flagrant trash violations: Social media around the world was filled for days after the
    event with pictures of grass strewn with garbage, overflowing trash cans and a park in disarray.

The aftermath of the 4/20 event was a public relations fiasco for Denver, especially after the historic
vote in 2012 when Colorado became the first place in the world to legalize recreational marijuana.
Even Denver’s Mayor, Michael B. Hancock came out against the way the 2017 event was handled,
stating “when organizers leave one of our parks trashed, they violate [our] trust. Further, we experienced an event that was under-resourced and presented numerous safety hazards. This level of disorganization displayed before, during and after the event requires additional action by the city."
Breton agrees with the Mayor’s assessment. “On the day of the event, they didn’t even have enough
money to pay the main artist 2Chainz which is when they came to me for an emergency loan so the
artist could perform as planned” Breton recalled. “To this day, they still haven’t paid us back and my
company is currently suing Miguel Lopez and company in Denver Civil Court. Perhaps even worse is that
during the hearing last month, we found out that they haven’t even paid the security guards who
worked the event back in April.”

Denver’s hearing officer David Ramirez isn’t expected to announce his decision on the appeal of the
current permit ban for some time. This however has not stopped Breton and his team at Euflora from
planning for next year’s event. Euflora is looking at a diverse lineup of musical talent to headline next
year’s event with possibilities including: Carlos Santana, Green Day, Imagine Dragons, War, Pharrell,
Deadmaus and local favorites the Fray, Machine Gun Kelly and Nathaniel Rateliff.

Should the city side in his favor and allow the permit to be released for the first time in many years,
Breton has plans to correct the errors of past 420 events.
“This should be a festival that people from 21 to 100 years of age can enjoy and relate to” Breton said
while describing his vision. “We seek to work alongside the city of Denver and the state of Colorado to
professionalize the image of a cannabis gathering right here in birthplace of recreational marijuana. We
want to be part of the solution and believe that we have the time, talent and treasure to run this event
in a manner that is safe, responsible and professional. We want to be an example for others to follow as
legalization spreads around the country. However, if for some reason the city of Denver decides to back
down and allow Lopez and company to run this event in 2018, there is a serious risk to safety, security,
sanitation and the overall wellbeing of this city.”

About Pepe Breton Euflora

Pepe Breton is a veteran of the cannabis space in Colorado and a co-founder of the boutique dispensary
group Euflora.  Breton started his journey into the cannabis industry in 2009 with a maxed out credit card and a dream.
After several forays into growing cannabis, Pepe realized that he wanted to be on the retail side of the
burgeoning new industry and made plans to acquire a storefront on the busiest street in Colorado: the
16th Street Mall in Downtown Denver.

Euflora now has 4 stores, with 5 more under contract, a greenhouse and an infused product kitchen. His
small business employs nearly 100 people.
Euflora LLC
(303) 766-8677

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