June 18, 2020 administrator

During the month of June at all Colorado Euflora dispensaries, we will be offering 25% of all Keef drinks and Pax Pods!

Edibles in a can!

Keef Classic Sodas are the everything you love about the sweet and timeless soda flavor with a burst of THC for added effect. Keef Classics are widely available and come in the following delicious flavors: Root Beer, Original Cola, Orange Kush, Blue Razz and Purple Passion. Recreational Keef Classics contain one serving of 10 MG THC and medical Keef Classics are available in both 50 MG THC and 100 MG THC.

KEEF Sparkling H2O is a refreshing sparkling water infused with 10MG THC and just a hint of citrus flavor. Currently available in Arizona and Colorado, KEEF Sparkling comes in Raspberry, Blood Orange and Blackberry Coconut 1:1.

Keef Life H2O is a low calorie and low sugar enhanced water that comes in three delicious fruit flavor combinations: Strawberry Kiwi, Cranberry Lime and Blueberry Lemon. Keef Life H2O has less than 50 calories per bottle with under 5 calories per 10 MG THC serving. Each bottle contains a total of 100MG THC and is equipped with a child-resistant, resealable dosing cap to ensure users they’re getting the correct amount of THC per serving. All flavors are phenome-specific for a more functional and desired effect.

Keef Mocktail is a higher dosed product line specifically designed for cannabis users with a bigger THC tolerance as well as for those who wish to consume with more flexibility. Pour a shot over ice, mix it with your favorite non infused beverage, or simply just take it like shot! The choice is yours!

Keef Energy FLO is your answer to an energy drink with balance and lift. Each can contains one serving of 10 MG THC with approximately 10 MG of caffeine. Keef Energy FLO is currently only available in Colorado.

Keef Pods Premium include high potency distillate combined with either 100% cannabis terpenes or popular terpene profiles. They are compatible with the PAX Era technology, and offer users one of the most personalized and unique vape experiences in the market. Every hit is perfectly smooth and will not disappoint with flavor.


March 24, 2020 administrator

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak we have taken necessary steps to protect our customers and employees. Starting March 24th, 2020:

No Walk Ins. Online or phone orders ONLY!

Call your nearest store directly for curbside pickups, or order online.

  • Buckley: (303) 680-1016
  • Southlands: (303) 766-8677
  • 16th: (303) 534-6255
  • Longmont: (720) 204-6554
  • Aspen: (970) 925-6468
  • 3D: (303) 297-1657

We will also now be closing all stores earlier than normal, at 8PM

Thank you for your support as we all deal with this pandemic and stay safe!


March 17, 2020 administrator

Due to the recent outbreak of COVID-19 and the uncertainty of its potential growth, the FlyHi
420 Festival in Civic Center Park on 4/20/2020, has been cancelled.

The health and safety of our performers and attendees is the top priority. FlyHi will follow the
City of Denver’s guidelines to reduce unnecessary public interaction.

There are no immediate plans to reschedule as this virus continues to circulate.
Thank you to all our sponsors, supporters and production team for your hard work organizing
this event.

For more information please visit milehigh420festival.com.


March 4, 2020 administrator

Euflora Recreational Marijuana and owner, Pepe Breton, are at it again presenting the FlyHi 420
Festival for the third year in a row. An estimated 65,0000 people will convene in Denver’s Civic
Center Park on Monday, April 20th, 2020 to see live music from both local and international

The 2020 FlyHi 420 Festival will get underway at 2 pm and will reach its peak at 5:00 pm
with a performance by Atlanta’s very own, Lil Jon! Additional acts will perform until 8 pm when
the festival concludes. Civic Center will be packed with hundreds of vendors, dozens of food
trucks and fireworks.

Security will be priority #1 at this event to guarantee the safety of all guests. No large bags or
backpacks are permitted on-site. Free water stations will be set-up at this year’s event, so be
sure to bring your empty water bottle. Beer and hard seltzer will be available for sale by Red
Stripe and Upslope in four, 21+ only beer gardens. This is a rain or shine event so please plan
accordingly. Pepe Breton and Euflora are excited to share the 420 celebration with Denver this
year, and years to come.

A big thank you to all the FlyHi 420 platinum sponsors: Escape Artists, Stratos, & Dixie Brands.

For more information please visit milehigh420festival.com or the Mile High 420 Festival
Facebook and Instagram page.


March 3, 2020 administrator

Here at Euflora, we understand how important it is to take care of yourself, so we decided to put together a list of a few of our self-care products that you can find at your local Euflora. Relax, enjoy and continue reading to find out how we unwind here at Euflora. 


The Dixie Mindset is a great addition to any relaxing plans you may have in mind. The Mindset cartridges are Co2 extraction free of butane, propane, and glycol. They also come in Sativa, Hybrid, and Indica to fit any of your needs. 


The District Gummies come in array of flavors such as green apple, blue raspberry, lemon, peach, watermelon, and more.The gumies also come in Sativa, Hybrid, and Indica options. With the standard Recreational mg serving per dose they are a wonderful addition to your sesh. 


The Dixie Tarts are a Euflora favorite due to their sweet and sour combo. The package of darts comes mixed with a variety of flavors and comes in at your standard Recreational mg serving. If you’re a fan of sweet tarts, sour patch kids, and more these are the treats for you! 

The XG Blondie Bars are a great way to mix up your self care snacks. The bar is also available in a brownie version to fulfill  all your chocolate cravings.  

The Sweet Grass Cookies come in both individual cookie options or cookie packs for any occasion. So whether you’re relaxing by yourself or with some friends the Sweet Grass Cookies have you covered!

Sum’s fact acting sublignals are a great way to microdose for those who are interested in a small dosage than the standard Recreational mg serving. This is also a great thing to try out for beginners as an intro to cannabis while getting a fuller-spectrum of benefits beyond THC depending on your needs. 


One of our favorite ways to unwind and do some self-care is with any of our pre-rolled cones or flower! So whether you prefer rolling up your own joints or not, treat yourself to some next time you visit your local Euflora. 


February 6, 2020 administrator

High there and welcome back to our blog! Today we will be discussing a few of our favorite products and how we integrate them into our workout routines. Enjoy and remember you can find all of the products listed below at your local Euflora Dispensary.

The Dixie Vitalizing mints are a great way to start a workout whether you’re pumping some iron or out on the trail. The mints come in three flavors and can all be found at our dispensary locations! 

For an extra boost of energy while you’re working out we recommend trying our District Edible Gummies. They come in Sativa, Hybrid, and Indica strains with an array of flavor options to fit into any workout routine. 

Whether you’re on the trail or in the gym the O.pen 510 cartridges are great for a quick hit before you continue on with your workout. Pictured here is the strain San Fernando Valley OG which is a sativa dominant hybrid that leads, “with aromatic notes of earthy pine and lemon, its body effects take a little longer to feel than the initial head haziness” as Leafly states. The O.Pen cartridges come in disposable, 500mg, and 1 gram options. 

Mary’s Medicinal patches are a great way to recover from any workout no matter your strain preference. They also have awesome options like CBN and CBG patches to add to your recovery routine as well! 

Lastly there’s no better way to celebrate a successful workout quiet like a Dixie Root Beer float for an elevated post workout snack! Dixie also has an array of beverage options beyond the root beer to satisfy any cravings you’ve worked up while working out. 



January 23, 2020 administrator

Legalized cannabis may bring new hope to nature’s dwindling pollinators. Bee populations have been shrinking at an alarming rate due to the widespread use of neonicotinoid pesticides and weed-killers like dicamba. Habitat destruction and climate change have also taken their toll on bee populations.If you’re allergic to bees, you may be doing the happy dance. But for most of us, the lack of bees is going to sting.

Besides delighting us in the garden and annoying us at picnics, bees serve critically important roles in agriculture. According to the American Beekeeping Federation, honey bees add a whopping $20 billion to the value of the US Agricultural Industry. Without bees, over a hundred different crops would be affected. We wouldn’t be able to enjoy some of our favorite munchies, such as:

  • Almonds: Almond trees depend entirely upon bees to reproduce. Sorry vegans. No bees, no almond milk.
  • Blueberries and Cherries: What would we do without antioxidant-rich blueberries and succulent cherries? Both are 90% dependent on bees.
  • Apples and cranberries: Anyone up for apple pie or vodka-cranberry cocktails? Holiday parties would be real bummers without these two.
  • Broccoli: Yes, even broccoli needs a little help from our apian friends.

What Does Legal Cannabis Mean for Bee Populations?

Since individual US states began legalizing medical and recreational cannabis and the 2018 US Farm Bill legalized hemp on the federal level, researchers have had more opportunities to study cannabis.

A recent study published in Oxford’s journal of Environmental Entomology has brought new interest in how cannabis cultivation may help bees. The study, conducted by Cornell University, concluded that cannabis plants provide nutrition during times of scarcity. Researchers also found that vast farmlands filled with hemp may provide valuable habitat for bees. This finding is great news for cannabis cultivators who are looking for investors.

The study corroborated research done by Colorado State University. The 2018 study found 23 unique species of bees in northern Colorado’s Cannabis sativa hemp fields. Bees swarmed Colorado’s hemp fields during late summer when flowers are in short supply. The desperate bees started foraging for pollen among the male hemp plants. Though bees prefer the nectar of bright-colored blooms, they’ll settle for cannabis pollen in a pinch.

Just like it does for us humans, cannabis may help bees get through those hard times in life.

Earlier Research on Cannabis and Bees

The Oxford and Colorado studies weren’t the first to find that bees like cannabis. Indian researchers found connections between bees and cannabis much earlier. Though technically illegal, cannabis has long been tolerated in India. A 2012, Indian study published in the Journal of Pharmacy and Biological Science also concluded that bees will take up residence in cannabis fields and extract pollen from male plants when other food sources become scarce.

Evidence of bees consuming cannabis pollen goes back to at least 1996 with an earlier Indian study, published in the journal, TAIWANIA. Biologists were studying the diets of bees in the Bhimal region of northeastern India, where farmers cultivate large fields of cannabis. The researchers found cannabis in the pollen loads of bees, proving that bees do indeed consume cannabis pollen.


So, if bees like cannabis pollen, does that mean they’ll make honey that contains cannabinoids like CBD and THC? Bees extract pollen from male cannabis plants, not resin from the females. But that doesn’t stop some inventive entrepreneurs from trying to entice bees with the frosty trichomes of the female buds.

In 2016, Nicholas Trainer, a French beekeeper, successfully trained his diminutive companions to be attracted to female cannabis plants. As a result, they rewarded him with cannabis-infused propolis, which was naturally decarbed in the warmth of the hive. Imagine combining the properties of propolis, royal jelly and cannabis in one jar of honey.

Since Trainer’s breakthrough, entrepreneurs in legal cannabis states have been working on repeating his experiment with hopes of introducing all-natural, bee-made honey to the market. But don’t expect to find bee-made cannahoney on your dispensary shelf too soon.

For now, you’ll have to get by with human-made, cannabis-infused honey. Alternatively, you can try honey-sweetened cannabis edibles like Rebel Edibles’ Vanilla Bean Sea Salt Caramels or Coda Signature’s honey-sweetened chocolates. Both are available at Euflora’s dispensaries in Colorado.

If you’re a do-it-yourselfer and have your heart set on cannabis honey, you can infuse your own honey using one of the tinctures available here at Euflora. Our tinctures come in several varieties, including:

  • CBD
  • Indica
  • Sativa
  • CBN

You can even mix and match tinctures to create your own unique cannabis-infused honey blend.

Can Bees Get High?

With all this talk about bees and cannabis, you may be wondering if consuming cannabis could harm or confuse our tiny friends. Not to worry. Bees won’t land on a flower, forget what they’re doing, and binge-watch Netflix instead of collecting pollen. Bees lack an endocannabinoid system. Receptors in the endocannabinoid system (ECS) in humans and other mammals are what allow cannabinoids to work. Without the ECS, we wouldn’t feel the effects of THC, CBD and other cannabinoids.

What does cause harm to bees is pesticides. The worst offenders are neonic pesticides that industrial farmers use on crops like soybeans and corn. Manufactured by companies like Bayer, neonics disrupt the nervous system causing confusion and death in bees. Beekeepers have given the syndrome the nickname, “Mad Bee Disease.” The EU banned the most potent neonics, and the US followed suit by banning 12 of the most destructive neonicotinoid insecticides. The US House of Representatives has recently introduced the Saving America’s Pollinators Act which would require the EPA to ban all neonic pesticides. The bill gives hope to environmentalists as the current administration strives to limit the work of the EPA.

How Can the Love Affair Between Bees and Cannabis Help the Industry?

Since cannabis is wind-pollinated, the plants don’t need bees. However, the cannabis industry could reap tremendous benefits from the insects.

Bees are attracted to large areas populated by cannabis plants. This fact is sure to encourage environmentally-conscious investors to swarm upon the cannabis industry. Additionally, state and federal funding could become increasingly available to cannabis cultivators.

Furthermore, the positive impact of cannabis farming on bee populations may convince more growers to go organic. Pesticides are just as bad for humans as they are for the bees. Organic cannabis is a win-win solution for both us herb-lovers and our buzzing little buddies.

And if the work of Nicolas Trainer and other pioneering cannabis entrepreneurs becomes fruitful, Euflora dispensary shelves may soon include naturally-infused, bee-made cannahoney. Yum!

We’d love to hear from you. Share your bee stories in the comments below.


January 14, 2020 administrator

Today we are talking about the unforgettable smell of cannabis. Why does cannabis hit you in the face when it comes to its scent? Well, there’s actually a really simple explanation! That answer is terpenes! Terpenes are an organic compound found everywhere, from plants to insects! These aromatic almost resins have many effects on animals and humans. A cannabis plant terpenes are part of its self-defense from animals and to lure pollinators. I’m breathing deeply right now wishing I had some terps on me just typing this out. So there’s a couple of different terpenes we will be talking about today and will go into detail how they affect us. Terpenes also contribute to the entourage effect that cannabis has. There are over 200 different types of terpenes that can be located in cannabis.

So starting off our list of scents is a-PINENE. It has a strong pine smell and can also be found in basil and dill! It aids in asthma, ulcers, and cancer. It makes you alert helps retain memory and can counteract some THC. You can find this terpene in strains like Romulan, OG Kush, and Jack Herer.  When I lived in Texas pine trees were way more prevalent so a-PINENE holds fond memories for me.

Next, we have Myrcene an earthy and musky relaxing terpene. It is known for its couch lock effect. Used to treat insomnia and inflammation pain. This tasty terps can also be found in mango, lemongrass, and hops! Myrcene is heavy in strains like Roze and Blue Dream. 

Moving on we have Limonene a citrusy tangy terp. Providing mood elevation and stress relief, this terpene is used for anxiety and depression. Some strange strains with a high percent of Limonene include super lemon haze and sour diesel. You can find this same terpene in your fruit rinds, peppermint, and juniper. 

Coming up we have Beta-Caryophyllene. This terpene might surprise you with a kick! It’s spicy, peppery and clove tones make a really fun terpene. This brings stress relief so great for ulcers and pain. This hot terp can also be found in black pepper and cinnamon. Terpenes are everywhere! Find Beta-Caryophyllene in strains like Death Star, Girl Scout Cookies, and Candyland. 

Linalool is our next terpene a soft floral scent reminding us all of our favorite flowers. Sedative and mood-enhancing this terpene is sure to help you through a tough time assisting in depression, neurologic degeneration, and insomnia. You can find this beautiful terp in lavender. Strains like Grand Daddy Purp and Pure Kush have proven to have a high percentage of linalool. 

Our sixth most prevalent terpene is Humulene. A very Woody as well as earthy terpene that provides tons of anti-inflammatory goodies. Normally found in hops or coriander! It can be found in strains like Skywalker OG, White widow, and headband. This is a perfect terpene for those who have arthritis!

Our final most common terpene is going to be Terpinolene, which smells flowery, piney, and herbal! It is a sedative terpene, to say the least! At the same time, it’s used as an antioxidant! Who would’ve known! This terpene can also be found in nutmeg, tea trees, and apples, yum! You can find Terpinolene in Dutch Treat, SnowCap, and Shipwreck! 

Just like cannabinoids, terpenes have a slightly different effect on everyone. It is suggested that oneself explore many different terpenes found in cannabis to find your right terp for any occasion. The first sign of a good match would take place with a simple sniff test. Smell your bud before purchase and this will help you tremendously, also feel free to ask your budtender for a list of terpenes tested in your bud.



Rahn, B. (2019, January 16). What Are Cannabis Terpenes and What Do They Do? Retrieved July 26, 2019, from https://www.leafly.com/news/cannabis-101/terpenes-the-flavors-of-cannabis-aromatherapy





January 1, 2020 administrator

In recent weeks, one of the most thought-provoking pieces of legislation to enter the mainstream consciousness is the Marijuana Opportunity, Reinvestment and Expungement Act. Better known as the MORE Act of 2019, the lengthy title is apt, effectively summarizing the main thesis behind the proposal.


Rather than view the cannabis sativa plant as a soft narcotic and a gateway to harder drugs, the MORE Act defangs old notions of stigma and criminality. Instead, it asks the stoic, staid machinery of Washington, D.C. to enter the realm of the 21st century.


It is both groundbreaking and completely pointless, depending on your perspective.


For the glass-half-full folks, the MORE Act of 2019 is a gamechanger. Under the proposal, marijuana would be de-scheduled at the federal level. Currently, the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 (colloquially known as the 2018 Farm Bill) federally legalizes industrial hemp and hemp-derivatives. However, the cannabis plant itself remains a Schedule I drug.


One of the historical reasons for the classification is that natural cannabis typically has an ample amount of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the cannabinoid (organic compound) that imposes a negative psychoactive impact, or a “high.” The Farm Bill facilitates the purchase of non-THC hemp derivatives, specifically defined as containing no more than 0.3% THC content.


The MORE Act of 2019 would do away with this confusing granularity by legalizing all cannabis products. And if passed, the bill would expunge prior convictions related to marijuana, potentially freeing up corrective institutional resources for truly detrimental and violent crimes.


Finally, the “O” in MORE opens an economic channel that previously didn’t exist. With increasing numbers interested in botanical products, revenue-making opportunities abound for states and jurisdictions that offer legal cannabis.


Of course, nothing is without criticism and the MORE Act of 2019 is no exception.


Weed Bill Draws Skeptics


Principally, the criticism that has been forwarded with the most frequency is that the MORE Act is merely a symbolic gesture. Aside from that, the proposal has no substance, all but guaranteed to die in the legislative machinery and perhaps eventually forgotten.


While the MORE Act is the first bill related to marijuana legalization approved by a congressional committee, the issue originated in the House of Representatives, a Democratic stronghold. With the measure passing to the Senate, which has a Republican majority, it is unlikely to move forward.


Further, we must appreciate political realities. President Trump ran an unexpectedly successful campaign based in large part on his “law and order” image. Thus, going soft on a contentious issue like full cannabis legalization could be detrimental to his reelection bid. After all, public opinion polls demonstrate that Trump is not the most popular president; thus, he needs to cater to his core conservative base.


Even if the MORE Act successfully became law against all odds, it wouldn’t necessarily mean cannabis for everyone. Individual states still reserve the right to impose their own measures, which could be more draconian than the federal standard. Since marijuana is not a Constitutional right, theoretically, states can limit how cannabis products is distributed in their jurisdiction (if at all).


Not surprisingly, critics and skeptics of the MORE Act have essentially derided the proposal as a distraction. With no realistic pathway to legalization, this measure simply adds more bureaucracy to the political machinery.


However, those who staunchly hold to this view are missing the bigger point.


Public Sentiment Rising


Not surprisingly, most Millennials and members of the younger Generation Z support marijuana legalization, often times passionately so. They grew up in a progressive environment that challenged established social mores.


Additionally, Millennials are more practical in how they see the world. For instance, moral values – which are inherently flexible – should not be the arbiter of cannabis laws if that same morality imposes hardships and unreasonable penalties on end-users.


What is surprising, though, is the comprehensive support for legalization that cuts across multiple demographic categories. According to an October 2019 Gallup poll, 80% of Millennials support marijuana legalization. But that sentiment has trickled over into older generations.


For instance, 63% of Generation X support legalization, whereas 61% of Baby Boomers likewise favor cannabis permissibility. Only what Gallup calls the “Traditionalist” generation – this category is many times referred to as the “Silent Generation” – do you find opposition (56%).


Still, let’s bring up an important wrinkle to the latter statistic. Among those 65 years and older, 49% favor legalization and 49% oppose it. Thus, even among the oldest demographics, you’ll likely find voices that are supportive of current cannabis initiatives.


Thus, those who consider the MORE Act as pure symbolism are ignoring the larger narrative: Millennials are making their first meaningful impact in the workforce, society and politics. Soon, Generation Z will join them.


And what do they all have in common? Aside from concerns about the environment, they’re united in botanical freedoms. Therefore, while the MORE Act may fall, it has opened up a Pandora’s box. Over the next several years, we’ll see a concerted front to support cannabis legalization at the federal level.


Indeed, the much-maligned green plant has already impacted the political spectrum favorably. Among Democrats, 76% support legalization, which again isn’t surprising. However, 51% of Republicans also support legalization. Technically, that’s a majority of what has been a staunch conservative and faith-based organization.


True, from an ideological angle, those who identify as “conservative” still oppose (50%) legalization initiatives. But the scale and magnitude of opposition has severely declined over the past decade. Only a few hardnosed holdouts remain among conservative circles. Very soon, a majority of conservatives will likely support legalization.


Looking Forward to 2020


With the political drama in Washington showing no signs of abating, 2020 virtually promises to be the most dynamic if not outright vitriolic election campaign in U.S. history.


Clearly, the American electorate has vital issues to vote on and they should do so with a sense of responsibility. And while marijuana legalization isn’t the most critical issue that we must face, it’s undeniably becoming an important one for millions of families.


At the core of the MORE Act of 2019 is the facilitation of individual liberties that have been denied for decades under dubious pretenses. While botanical enthusiasts swear by the underlying platform’s therapeutic benefits, that’s not the point here. Rather, people should have the choice to decide whether or not this platform is appropriate for them.


If so, the government has no ethical grounds in denying a knowledgeable, consenting adult to consume a botanical product.


Thus, cannabis advocates and end-users shouldn’t worry about the outcome of the MORE Act. This proposal merely reflected the sentiment of the American people today. Tomorrow, public opinion will surely and decisively shift favorably, finally making good on the original bill’s potential.

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