How To Find The Right Edible For You

From gummies to chocolates to tinctures to beverages, it can be overwhelming to choose from the plethora of cannabis edibles available at your store, we know!   So, how can you find the right one for you?  We’re here to help!  Let’s talk about the common types of edibles, who they’re great for, and what activities they pair well with.


The Five Common Edible Categories

Gummies – The most popular edible you can find, made of cannabis oil (usually flavorless distillate), sugar, gelatin or pectin, coloring and flavoring. A fun and familiar way to consume. Typical doses are between 2.5 and 10mg per gummy.


Chocolates – You’ll find all sorts of variations including dark, milk, and white chocolate bars and truffles, with or without fillings such as peanut butter or caramel. Most bars are scored in ten 10mg squares, truffles in 5mg or 10mg pieces, and you can easily cut either into even smaller portions.


Beverages – Soda, energy drinks, teas, and infused waters both still and carbonated. These are mostly sold as single servings, such as a can or bottle containing 10mg of THC or 5mg THC and 5mg CBD. Some drinks have dosing caps to pour off single doses when the entire bottle contains several servings.


Tinctures – Tinctures are cannabis-infused alcohol formulas in dropper-top bottles.  You’ll find many products labeled as tinctures that include MCT oil or glycerin in place of alcohol.  Tinctures enter the bloodstream sublingually via the sublingual artery when held for 15 seconds or longer under the tongue.


Tablets – A familiar delivery method allowing for precise dosing with very few additional ingredients and typically no sugar.


What Kind of Consumer Are You?

Just starting out – For a novice consumer, start with micro-dose, quick-acting products.  This allows you to start with a low dose and not wait very long to find a dose that works best for you…you can always add but you can’t take away after you consume.


Been around the block – For an experienced consumer, you likely know what works best for you.  Play around with different ratios of THC to CBD for fun, you may find a new favorite!


Maestro – Medical products can be best suited for an advanced consumer who may have built up a tolerance over time.  Doses are double the regular recreational products at minimum.  You’ll need a state licensed medical card.



What Are You Looking to Do or Feel?

While most people experience similar effects from Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid options, everyone is different, so you’ll have to experiment to know how you personally feel.


Indica options are great for mellowing out, relaxing the body, getting out of the head, alleviating pain and going to sleep.


Sativa options are great to be productive, active, energized, engaged, and helpful for activities requiring mental work.


Hybrid options offer a mixture of head and body high, which can be helpful if you are prone to anxiety and paranoia with sativa products yet mellow out too much with indica products.


You can also find options with added vitamins, caffeine, and botanicals which allow you to steer your high in fun ways, so keep your eye out for them!


Have more questions?  Check out the Common Edibles article from Medically Correct to learn more. And while you’re at it, shop online for incredibles and other tasty edible options.


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