Colorado’s Amendment 20

During the election in 2000, voters passed Amendment 20 the State’s constitution. This effectively allowed a limited amount of medical marijuana to be possessed by patients and their primary caregivers. This Amendment permitted patients who had a Medical Marijuana Registry Card or their primary caregivers to possess no more than 2 ounces of a usable form of marijuana and not more than 6 marijuana plants with 3 or less being mature, flowering plants.

Colorado’s Amendment 64

Amendment 64 was a ballot initiative to amend the state constitution, outlining a new statewide drug policy for cannabis. The ballot initiative passed on November 6, 2012. this law addresses the regulations and use of marijuana for adults 21 and over. It also outlines rules for cultivation, manufacturing, and sales; effectively striving to regulate it much like alcohol. The first stores officially opened on January 1, 2014.

Safe Consumption

If you are new to using marijuana the best rule of advice is to START SMALL AND SLOW. Even if you have used marijuana before it is hard to know the exact potency of the product you just purchased. With smokeable cannabis, it is advised to take 1 or 2 inhalations and wait 10-15 minutes to determine how the potency will initially affect you. If the desired effect isn’t reached then take an additional 1-2 inhalations. Cannabis-infused edible products can take up to 60 minutes to feel the full impact. It is recommended to start with a 10mg THC dosage of an infused product. If after 60 minutes you don’t feel the desired effect, it is then ok to go over the 10mg dosage increments.

The Mile High City really is exactly one mile high at 5,280 feet in elevation. That means that there is 17 percent less oxygen here than in cities at sea level, so don’t be surprised if you experience shortness of breath, throbbing headaches, loss of coordination, and fatigue.

Here are a few simple suggestions to ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable trip to the MILE HIGH city while you are here and while you’re consuming cannabis.

Educating Our Customers

Days before you travel to Colorado and especially while you are here drink plenty of water. It is the easiest way to help your body adjust to the higher altitude. Due to the lower humidity in Colorado, the air is very dry so you need at least twice as much water as you would normally drink.

To avoid further dehydration and even more severe effects of altitude sickness it is highly recommended that you eliminate or limit your consumption of alcohol and caffeine.

Eating more smaller and frequent meals that are high in potassium (ie broccoli, bananas, avocado) and healthy grains will help you replenish electrolytes by balancing salt intake. It is also suggested that you avoid foods high in fat as it will only add to the sluggish feeling your body is already trying to fight off.

With less water vapor in the air at this altitude, the sky really is bluer in Colorado. But there’s 25 percent less protection from the sun and ultraviolet rays so sunscreen is a must. Denver receives over 300 days of sunshine each year. So bring sunglasses, sunscreen, and lip protection, even in the winter.

Also a few days before your trip be sure to check the local Colorado weather. Denver is much closer to the sun so it tends to feel much warmer than it actually is. However, once the once goes down it also tends to cool off and become very chilly. Be sure to bring the appropriate clothing so you can layer and be comfortable day and night.

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