Extremely potent, vaporizing just a small amount of Chernobyl is a sure way to calm your nerves and get into a relaxing zone. A cross of Train Wreck, Jack the Ripper and Trinity. Chernobyl is classified as a Sativa-dominant hybrid. As such, it is a go-to marijuana strain for many MMJ patients in search of its exceedingly sweet terpene profile and its unique ability to help combat a variety of mental disorders.

Extremely High THC

Positive Effects

Extremely potent, smoking just a few bowls is an adventure in respiratory failure and flat lining your brain waves.

Medical Effects

Chernobyl is also used to help calm symptoms related to tremors, nerve pain, and nausea. Helps fight mental disorders including depression, PTSD, chronic stress, and even anxiety.

Side Effects

The most common side effect users experience with this strain are dry mouth & dry eyes.

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