Cannabis Delivery is now available through in Aurora, CO. With a new service comes new questions. Here we have provided a detailed walkthrough of how to place and receive your order from Flyhi Cannabis Delivery.

Visits on your phone or computer. ( is optimized for mobile use for convenient ordering from your phone)
First we must check to ensure your address is within the delivery radius

Once your address is verified, the registration process for Flyhi will begin. The first step in registration is verifying your phone number. Flyhi will text you a onetime code to verify your phone number.

Next Flyhi will verify your age and state issued ID. Simply snap a photo of your ID with your phone, select Upload ID and select your ID image.

Now that Flyhi knows you are over 21, you are prompted to create a Flyhi account

Enter the address where you would like your products delivered. Products can only be delivered to personal residence. No public places or businesses.

After the delivery address has been verified, registration is complete.

An email is automatically sent when the account is full set-up.

Customers can now browse products available for delivery.

State Law allows customers to add up to 1 ounce of flower, 800 mg of edibles or 8 grams of concentrates to your delivery cart. (or the equivalent of a mixture)

Once ready for checkout, simply click “checkout” and you will be able to review your cart prior to purchase.

Once ‘Place Order’ is clicked, the Order Summary will appear.

An email will also be sent detailing your Flyhi order.

Text messages will be sent to the phone number provided to let you know the status of your delivery order.

All transactions are Cash ONLY and tips are appreciated.

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