Vaporizers have become very popular not only for smoking recreational cannabis, but for tobacco and other products too. They work by heating up the marijuana so it can be inhaled without being burned. Many people enjoy them because they don’t smell as strongly as smoking flower, it’s easy to use, can be disposable or refilled depending on the vaporizer you use, and provides a cleaner and often more potent hit. You can use concentrates or flower depending on the type of vaporizer to suit your specific tastes.

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JARS has a huge variety of vapes so you can try them out and see which are best for you. We carry indica, sativa, hybrid, and many different flavors and strains so you can always try something new. Some of our unique flavors include Pineapple Express, Durban Cookies, Gelato Cake, and Panama Punch. Learn more about these and our entire catalog by visiting our website!

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We’ve been serving Denver, Aurora, and the surrounding areas since 2014 with great customer service and top quality cannabis products that we know you’ll love. Our expert customer service staff will be happy to answer any questions you have and direct you to the best products for your needs. Come by or give us a call at (303) 680-1016 to learn more about our vapes and any other products you may be interested in!

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DETROIT, Mich., Nov. 7, 2022 – JARS Cannabis, a privately held, multi-state operating cannabis brand and retailer, today announced it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Euflora LLC, a premier collective of boutique recreational marijuana dispensaries in Colorado....
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