Cannabis has a wide variety of uses from pain and inflammation relief to aiding in anxiety and stress. Whether you use cannabis for its psychedelic effects or not, Euflora is here to answer your questions and ease any concerns. We offer a wide variety of both THC and CBD products for humans and their furry best friends. There are several ways to ingest cannabis, whether it be through smoking, vaping, using topicals, or eating edibles.

What experience are you looking for?

We have a variety of products meant to help you relax, induce sleep, energize, provide focus, and chill out.

When visiting Euflora for the first time, you will be greeted by one of our security guards and your valid state identification will be checked to verify you are 21+. No one under the age of 21 is allowed in-store. Rather than sitting in a waiting room, all Euflora locations allow you to browse the product selection we have displayed around the store. There will be a salesperson on the sales floor to answer any of your questions. Once you have made your purchase decisions, get in line to wait for the next available budtender. They will gather your order and take your cash payment (we only accept cash but have ATMs at all locations). Remember to factor in tax which is on average about 24% in Colorado (depending on the municipality).

Rules & Regulations
  • You are allowed to purchase (and possess) up to 1 ounce of cannabis flower, or the equivalent in edibles and concentrates, which is 800mg THC in edibles and 8g in concentrates.
  • You are not required to make a purchase when visiting Euflora. Feel free to stop by, check out the products, and ask all your questions.
  • No firearms or knives are allowed within the dispensary.
  • Consumption of cannabis should be limited to the privacy of your own home and not in public. Consuming cannabis in public is illegal in Colorado.
  • We offer recreational sales only but we do offer 10% off to all medical cardholders.
  • Feel free to take as many pictures as you would like while in-store but please keep the faces of other customers out of your images.
  • Remember to keep all cannabis products out of reach of children.
How do I shop?

Feel free to place your order online before coming into the store to save time! Otherwise, we look forward to seeing you in store soon!

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