In-Store Cannabis Pickup in Denver, CO

For your convenience, we’ve set up an in-store pickup system so you can skip the line and pick up your items immediately. This is especially helpful for customers who are already out running errands, or simply know what they want and wish to pick it up quickly. You can start by going to our website to see the full product list along with details, pricing, and pickup options. Feel free to enjoy our products for medical or recreational purposes. We also list our specials on the website to make sure you get the best deals each day. Once you know what you’d like to purchase, confirm your order to pick up in the store.

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We’ve been in business for 9 years educating customers on marijuana and offering a wide variety of products to purchase. Our experienced budtenders will be able to walk you through the process if you have questions or want to try something new. Our product catalog includes over 20 strains, different categories (pre-rolls, edibles, tinctures, flowers, and more), and at various prices that will fit your budget. Come say high at the 16th Street Mall in Denver!

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