Grow for Vets – Euflora Charity Partner

We are incredibly excited to be supporting #growforvets this month. Using #cannabis to fight #opiodaddiction is extremely controversial but just the kind of groundbreaking work Euflora can get behind.

The #veterans behind this amazing movement will be in-store @ euflora southlands dispensary in Aurora today from noon-6pm. Come show these #vets some love and hear their stories.

Join us in saluting those who sacrificed for out freedom. Every Saturday this month Euflora will donate 3% of sales to GROW FOR VETS.

The mission of Grow for Vets is to help save the more than 50 veterans who die each DAY from suicide and prescription drug overdose. They connect veterans with the knowledge and resources necessary to obtain or grow cannabis for treatment of their medical conditions. Also, they provide completely free cannabis to those most in need.

Please join us in supporting this amazing charitable organization!

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