Cannabis concentrates are one of the most popular options available at Euflora. While they’ve been around for thousands of years, modern innovations have increased accessibility, potency and consumption opportunities. Concentrates separate out the most valuable chemical components from the bulk plant material. The result is a gorgeous color, amazing texture and dense amounts of cannabinoids and terpenes. 

High Quality Cannabis Concentrates

With six locations across Denver & the surrounding areas, Euflora is a boutique-style dispensary where newcomers to cannabis and all recreational enthusiasts are welcome. We invite you to shop our shelves or online, spend some time getting to know our broad selection of concentrates and feel free to ask for assistance. The potential experience, enjoyment and curative properties of cannabis oil, hash, shatter, rosin and more are absolutely incredible.

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Euflora includes the convenience of in-store pickup and prompt delivery across Denver, Aurora, Commerce City, Englewood, Wheat Ridge, Westminster, Thornton, Littleton & Glendale, CO. We look forward to opening the door to the wide world of concentrates. Smoking, dabbing, vaping and making edibles, tinctures or topicals are all concentrate options. While flower typically contains around 10 to 30% THC, concentrates offer 60 to 99% THC and the effects normally last longer. It doesn’t take much to achieve your goals. You can expect a gram of cannabis concentrate to last longer than an 1/8th of flower.


Some concentrates categories available from Euflora include:

  • Hash – Hash is dried and pressed resin or kief, resulting in an oily, solid substance from chalky to a thick paste. Bubble hash is produced by way of ice water to separate the trichomes from the plant matter. It’s versatile and easy to smoke or vape. 
  • Shatter- Widely popular and vibrantly colored, shatter is recognizable due to the uniquely solid textures. Brittle and glass-like, shatter provides a dense terpene content. It offers strong flavors and pungent aroma and is typically vaped or dabbed. 
  • Live Resin – Relatively new on the scene, live resin is produced through freeze-dried, freshly harvested plants, avoiding the loss of monoterpenes and other desirable, delicate chemical compounds during the curing process used for flower. Incredibly potent and terpene rich, live resin is ideal for an experienced consumer.
  • Rosin – Produced by compressing cured cannabis flowers, freeze-dried flowers or kief/hash under intensive pressure and gentle heat, rosin is sticky, solventless and clean. Find full-spectrum, terpene-rich options with exceptional THC content at Euflora. /li>

Shatter, Hash & Rosin Westminster, CO, Littleton, CO, Aurora, CO, Commerce City, CO, Thornton, CO & Englewood, CO

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