World’s first house that’s built entirely out of… cannabis!

With the ever-expanding use cases of cannabis, from medical to industrial, a company in the Netherlands has built a prefab house… entirely out of cannabis!

The company, Dunagro, has been developing a house made from hemp concrete (a mixture of hemp wood, natural glue, and water), since 2009. Hemp, the non-THC variety of the cannabis plant has long been known to be useful in a myriad of applications that are both environmentally sustainable, fast-growing, and cost-efficient. From food to clothing to bio-fuel, hemp uses continue to develop and that pace should speed up exponentially since its recent legalization in the USA.

Last November, Dun Agro put its hemp home on display. The company has already completed its second hemp home and has plans to build and sell more in the near future. In fact, with the present output of hemp in the Netherlands, the company estimates it can produce up to 500 hemp houses per year. If the demand increases, that number can easily be scaled up.

According to the company (translated to English):

“With this hemp house we show that, among other things, through the use of innovative techniques, hemp building is a serious alternative to the sustainability of regular housing, also in terms of costs.”

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