Top 10 Cannabis Strains for 2016 – Denver

Top 10 Cannabis Strains of 2016

Denver/Aurora, Colorado

Intense competition in the rapidly growing cannabis industry has resulted in there being several new strains for cannabis connoisseurs to choose from each year. There are also many growers and other professionals in the industry who strive to continuously improve the quality of plants that they harvest and this too contributes to the wide number of strains available.

New strains are usually bred to be more potent and more memorable than their predecessors. With so many options to choose from it can be a daunting task to select one as been the best overall but here we have complied a list if the Top 10 best cannabis strains for 2016 so that you can seek out and experience the best of the best.

#1) Cookie Wreck (THC 19.5%, CBD 1.94%)

A cross between the well-known cannabis strains Girl Scout Cookies and Train Wreck, Cookie Wreck has a sweet smell reminiscent of cookies which is one of the reasons its so popular and it also has a nice citrus note that is mostly evident during the exhale.  The strain is of medium potency, so you will get a nice buzz from it, yet it is not overpowering.

Cookie Wreck has a THC content of 19.5%, which is not the highest on our list but it certainly packs a punch. The CBD content on the other hand is the highest on our list – with a whopping 1.94% CBD content you can say goodbye to virtually any aches and pains with the Cookie Wreck strain.

#2) Sour Diesel (THC 19-25%, CBD 0.3%)

Sour Diesel is very popular among medical patients because of its ability to very quickly deliver pain relief as well as to alleviate stress and the symptoms of depression. Its effects also last for a fairly long time and this makes it a favorite for some users.  When smoked, it hits the head immediately giving you a perky and energetic feeling.

This strain has a very pungent aroma which can be overpowering and not very discreet. Don’t be surprised if the aroma breaches the container its in and infuses any item nearby with its strong distinctive smell. It combines a fuel type aroma with skunky citrus like flavor.

The Sour Diesel strain typically has a very high THC level of between 19% and 25%. CBD levels in this strain will normally be between about 0.1% – 0.3%.

#3) Durban Poison  

Durban Poison is a great strain for people who want to get a laser like focus.  It simulates the mind and you will find that you can focus on any task at hand.  For persons who have ADHD this would be a good strain to try.  It’s also quite popular with medical marijuana users because of the mental clarity and stress relieving properties.

The flavor of Durban Poison is nice and fruity, both on the inhale and the exhale but there are noticeably more citrus-like notes on the inhale and more berry-like ones on the exhale.

You will experience a very noticeable high from Durban poison which contains up to 25% THC and CBD levels of up to 0.2%.

#4) Golden Goat

If you want a strain that is going to hit you hard, Golden Goat may be for you.  However, it can be a little overpowering for some people leading to feelings of anxiety and paranoia so keep this in mind before you try this one out if you do not have much cannabis experience. For most people this strain is ok to use as long as you maintain a positive frame of mind.

It gives you a frenetic burst of energy and gives you a nice buzzy feeling too, so its great if you have any short term physical activity you want to engage in, but its not the best strain if you need mental focus You will feel your heart racing a bit, but don’t worry, it’s all good.  Golden Goat has a nice pine like flavor that is also sweet, with a slight skunky undertone.

The THC content of the Golden Goat strain can vary greatly being as low as 12% in some cases and as high as 23% in others. The CBD content in this strain is typically very low, 0.06% or less in most cases.

#5) Blue Dream (THC 17 – 24% CBD 0.1 – 0.2%)

Blue Dream is one of, if not the most popular cannabis strains available on the market in 2016.  One of the reasons for its popularity may be because it’s a nice, balanced blend of indica and sativa so you get the body relaxation of the indica and the mental focus of the sativa.  This makes it great for morning use and its also a favorite for persons with social anxiety issues.

For persons using Blue Dream for medicinal purposes, it’s a good pain reliever to use in the morning. This is again because it relaxies the body, but still lets you remain focused and so can go about your everyday tasks. As it’s so widely available so it is normally very affordable and cost less than the average strain.

The Blue Dream strain normally has up to 24% THC content and the CBD levels are typically between 0.1 and 0.2%.

#6) Larry OG 

Larry OG is an indica – dominant hybrid so it’s known for giving you a body high, which is why it’s very popular as a medical strain to provide pain relief.  The strain’s creation is credited to the Cali Connection Seed Company who skillfully combined the Lemon Larry and SFV OG Kush strains to produce the Larry OG.  It will keep you somewhat focused because of the OG strain in the hybrid.

It has a sweet citrus like smell and it tastes the same was well.  The smoke produced from this strain is heavy, but yet, it feels smooth so it’s not an unpleasant smoke.

The very potent Larry OG strain has a relatively high THC content of up to 24%. Its CBD levels are usually around 0.5%.

#7) Blueberry Headband

With its long lasting and euphoric high, Blueberry Headband, also known as Sour Kush to some will leave you very happy.  Those looking for medicinal relief will find that it works best on muscles and as a sleep aid, although many say that they are able to keep working if they use this during the day.  The flavor of this strain is a strong diesel like smell combined with that of fresh fruit.  The actual taste is one of citrus and berries and a slight sour note to it.

You can expect this hybrid of Sour Diesel and OG Kush to contain about 15 – 20% THC and less than 1% CBD.

#8) Mob Boss (THC 28.7% CBD 1%)

Don’t let the name fool you, this strain is a beautiful indica / sativa hybrid. It was Steele Savage who had the genuius idea to combine the famous Chem D and Tang Tang strains in order to create this very memorable, yet hard to categorize strain. Mob Boss looks a little different from the average strain because it’s laden with trichromes when you compare it to other strains, which give it a distinct appearance and promise of things to come.  It doesn’t disappoint as its potency is above average, it gives you a nice kick, but a balanced one as it gives a burst of energy but still relaxes the body and positively affects the mood.

Mob Boss is a sativa-dominant strain that has a THC level of about 28% and a CBD content of about 1% .

#9) Pineapple Express

The Pineapple Express strain gets its name from its wonderful floral fragrance which is somewhat like pineapples if you need to isolate one smell.   When used the floral smell converts to a floral fruity taste, with a hint of pine, heavenly.  Medically, it’s good for issues such as depression or anxiety and it is also very good at doing away with mild aches and pains.  As with other sativa and indica blends, the Pineapple Express strain also provides mental focus.

With up to 26% THC content the Pineapple Express is sure to deliver a very memorable high. Its CBD content is usually about 1%.

#10) Dr. Who (THC 23% CBD 0.5%)

Another of the fruity smelling strains, the aroma of Dr. Who will draw you in and convince you to smoke it based on its aroma.  This strain is a balanced hybrid so you can use it during the day because you will remain clear headed and alert while still getting a measure of relaxation from it.  It’s also a favorite among medical users as it alleviates symptoms associated with Multiple Sclerosis, ADHD, eating disorders and anxiety.

Dr. Who has a THC content of about 23% and its 0.5% CBD content makes it great for pain relief.

There you have our lineup, the top 10 strains for 2016.  Whether you want to relax and veg out, sharpen your focus or relieve pain, one of these amazing strains is sure to be able to meet your needs.

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