THC infused Bison Jerky is here!

An exciting new edible has landed at the store. Jerky lovers, rejoice because your ultimate medicated snack is here.

Edibles are a fantastic way to medicate, but we’ve felt an unfulfilled hole in the edibles category is such an obvious one too—savory snacks! As seen (or heard) on The Cannabist, Todd Gardner’s free-range bison jerky infused with cannabis oil is hand-crafted in Aspen, Colorado. Jerky may seem like the territory of advanced marijuana users but not this one. Included in every box is an information card that outlines how to safely ingest the jerky. Each piece of jerky—it comes in hot and spicy or teriyaki flavors—contains 10mg of high-quality THC, which is considered a single serving of cannabis in the state of Colorado. Plus, the child-proof packaging is impressive.

You may have heard Gardner’s name before because he also owns Aspen’s High Mountain Taxi, which provides local taxi service in the Aspen and Snowmass areas. Going skiing? Get door to door service to or from Aspen Gondola, Aspen Highlands, Buttermilk and Snowmass Village. Just like the taxi company the THC bison jerky comes from high in the Colorado Rockies.

We are proud to be carrying the following Cannabis Queen products.
Hot & Spicy Jerky – 50mg 
Teriyaki Jerky – 50mg 

Each piece of bison jerky is individually wrapped per serving, and they come in a beautifully designed box, either black or white depending on the flavor you choose. Speaking of flavors, if you’re wondering which to try first, we took an informal poll and found that Teriyaki is the favorite but only by a small margin. We think that it’s the sweet and savory kick that gave it a leg up over the satisfyingly seasoned Hot & Spicy flavor.

The THC oil
Making the cannabis oil allows for more control of the product, so the marijuana comes from the Silverpeak dispensary in Aspen, and High Valley Farms marijuana growing facility in the Basalt area. The strain is a sativa dominant hybrid that is extracted into an oil through a carbon dioxide extraction process.

Beautiful free-range bison
The recipe calls for free-range bison meat, which is procured from a facility in South Dakota and shipped to Aspen. The meat is mixed with spices and cannabis oil and formed into strips, dried in a dehydrator, cut and vacuum-sealed before being packaged.
The Cannabis Queen Jerky recipe does contain a bit of brown sugar, just like any jerky recipe but it’s a lot less than most edibles. Plus, it is gluten-free and packed with protein.

Better than gas station jerky
This happy jerky isn’t better just because it’s medicated. It’s just a better tasting jerky because of being made from whole food ingredients that are almost all organic. And unlike other edibles, this recipe resists the hashy taste of decarboxylated marijuana.

Makes a great active snack
Fill up your pack with some pot jerky and take it on a hike. You don’t have to refrigerate this ganga jerky, and you don’t have to worry about it melting in the heat. Beef jerky is practically the opposite of all those sugary edibles out there both because it’s salty and provides protein. You could probably get away with using Cannabis Queen Jerky after the gym for a quick way to refuel and mitigate post-workout pain.

It’s inconspicuous!
The packaging makes clear that there is 10mg of THC per piece, but no one has to know that if you don’t want them to. Infused jerky is an excellent way to medicate on-the-go without drawing attention. No guarantees that you won’t get asked to share though!

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