Strawberry Kush

Strawberry Kush’ is a hard hitting and nearly balanced Indica dominant hybrid that was originally brought forth by the crew at Royal Dutch Genetics in the Netherlands. It originally listed as a combination between OG Kush and an unknown California bred Indica, but over the years it seems as if that ‘unknown California bred Indica’ may actually have been what we now know as, Strawberry Cough. The flowers exude a sweet flavor and aroma that is as equally soft as it is bold and Kushy, starting off light before quickly turning into a thick and heavy smoke that expands in your lungs like a balloon.

High THC

Positive Effects

The nearly balanced hybrid effects of the ‘Strawberry Kush’ start off with a slightly euphoric and visually stimulating head buzz thats eventually crept up on and dominated by a very relaxing body stone that slowly works its way towards your feet as its calms and soothes every last muscles as it moves towards your feet.

Medical Effects

No Data

Side Effects

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