Power Kush

Power Kush is immensely popular in Amsterdam and now it’s a fan favorite here in the United States. When you check out this beautiful strain, you’ll see an abundance of resin with white and orange hairs. With a THC content up to 16% and a CBD of 0.18%, the physical effects of this strain represent themselves as both cerebral and whole-body.

High THC

Positive Effects

Recreational users report that the Indica high was just enough to allow a ‘melt into the couch’ sensation but with enough of a sativa high so users don’t pass out. This also allows users to enjoy this strain during the day and still remain functional. Some reviewers have noticed a very effective aphrodisiac-like quality to this strain, making it a great choice for date nights.

Medical Effects

Used often to treat pain, anxiety and insomnia. This is a fantastic strain for body aches and pains and many users report that they remain pain-free for 4 hours. Chemotherapy users have reported that Power Kush is a terrific strain for appetite stimulation.

Side Effects

Side Effects can include dry eyes, mouth dryness, dizziness.

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