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JARS creates a boutique cannabis shopping experience. Our inviting, intimate environment is perfect for browsing and discovery. Our quality of plant-based remedies cater to the individual, fulfilling specific expectations, priorities and requirements. Whether for curative properties or pure enjoyment, our collection of cannabis vapes are sure to satisfy.

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A selection of more than forty cartridges, disposables and specialty pods represent the most well-known, respected and sought-after brands, such as Eureka Vapor, Select, O.pen, Bud Fox and so many more. Indicas, sativas, hybrids and CBD galore offer an exciting variety of flavors, potency and effects. Check out Golden Goat, Super Sour Lemon, Papaya Cake and so many opportunities for new favorites!

THC Vape Shopping Made Easy at JARS

Vapes are wonderfully discreet, simple and portable. A push of a button supplies an abundance of terpenes and cannabinoids. There’s no pungent aromas, no smoke and no combustion process creating carcinogens. Visit our Longmont weed shop and ask our staff for insight and recommendations. Go ahead and place an order for speedy in-store pickup or opt for delivery and we’ll bring your choice of vapes to your door!

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