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JARS invites in-state MMJ cardholders and recreational adults 21+ to stop by our Aspen location. Our ultra-modern, boutique dispensary is truly beautiful and creates a friendly, open, and comfortable atmosphere to browse at your leisure. For off-the-shelf enjoyment, nothing beats the simplicity and unique rewards of our pre-rolls. Some of our most popular sellers, our joints and blunts are offered in a variety of sizes, flavors and potency.

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Shopping JARS ensures high-quality cannabis pre-rolls. They provide instant gratification with none of the work, mess, or frustration of rolling one yourself. Because of carefully sourced sativas, indicas, and hybrids from brands such as Escape Artists, High Country, Pure Blaze, and Rasta Ronnie, there’s no fear of shake or trim. Expect precision packing, and exceptional flavor from the first inhale to the last and quick onset of effects.

Premium joints at JARS

Our singles are the ideal opportunity to discover new strains. Our packs are a great way to indulge in favorites. Check out infused options for added potency and full-bodied terpenes. Whether you’re looking for a better night’s sleep, more energy midday, a boost of creativity, a relaxing evening, portability, or curative rewards, pre-rolls from JARS hit the spot. Go ahead and order online for in-store pickup or delivery.

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