Green Crack

Green Crack is a strain that has been around for over two decades, Originally named ‘Crush,’ the strain was later renamed by none other than Snoop Dog. He named it Green Crack because of the need to keep taking hits of the bud. It is mostly Sativa and stems from the 89 SSSC Skunk#1 crossed with Indica lineage. The potent citrus smell is the first aroma that is released from Green Crack, which is also how it established its original name ‘Crush’ or Green Crush. The buds of Green Crack also live up to their name with their distinctive bright green hues, along with their orange hairs. The citrus smell seems to transcend into the taste which produces a sweet and smooth flavor with an intense lemon aftertaste.

High THC

Positive Effects

Just a few hits provide an alert and awake feeling that lasts for hours without having to take multiple hits.

Medical Effects

Side Effects


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