Flyhi Cannabis Delivery launches with Euflora dispensaries

Euflora is thrilled to announce the partnership of Flyhi Cannabis Delivery. For the past 2 years, Flyhi has perfected its service for home cannabis delivery out of Euflora California dispensary. After seeing tremendous success in helping the community during tough Covid times, it made sense to bring the service to Colorado.

Flyhi is making cannabis more accessible and convenient for customers to get their favorite brands delivered directly to their front doors. They provide best-in-class service to save people time & effort. All customers can trust that they are getting superior products in a safe & compliant way all from the comfort of their own homes. Euflora Marketing Director, Lindsay Hanna stated, “Euflora is excited to offer our products and Flyhi services to those who may not normally visit a dispensary storefront. The stigma of visiting a “pot shop” has now been eliminated.”

Euflora takes pride in high technology and excellent customer experience in-store; teaming up with Flyhi made sense with their same business outlook. This is the perfect partnership for modern cannabis.

Flyhi is committed to customer service, professional drivers, real-time communication, and seamless operations. For all of your cannabis needs, Flyhi flies to YOU!

About Flyhi
Flyhi, was developed by cannabis experts seeking to create a seamless, state-licensed and fully compliant delivery service to consumers looking to explore and purchase cannabis products and have them discreetly delivered in a safe and trusted way. The company’s unique technology also allows dispensaries and brands the ability to track real-time data and optimize inventory control.


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