Diesel Maui Dawg

It is a mix of (Sour Diesel x Afghani Kush) and The Truth. The Truth is another EMC original that is the basis of many of their crosses. It is a three-way cross of Maui, Amhurst Superskunk, and Chemdawg now, this strain is a real gem as far as cross-breeding goes. It’s heavy on the sativa side but balanced just enough by the Indica-heavy Afghani Kush to provide a typical euphoric sativa high while staying grounded.

High THC

Positive Effects

This strain is mellow and mentally euphoric with a touch of the energizing Chemdawg high. There may be a sense of a mild body-high but mainly just a sense of mental well-being. There is generally enough of an indica influence that you won’t feel the need to move about but there was no antsy-ness and certainly no couch-locked.

Medical Effects

This strain is good as an antidepressant and stress reliever as well as possibly a good tool to mellow out anxiety. Relief from Stress, Anxiety and Depression.

Side Effects


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