A new trend to hit the marijuana marketplace is cannabis-infused beverages. These can include sparkling water, spritzers, wine, beer, and everything in between and come in a variety of flavors and strains for you to choose from. This is a great way to enjoy social gatherings without having to worry about drinking too much alcohol or getting a nasty hangover.

Cannabis Infused Beverages & Drinks

There are quite a few benefits for ditching the regular alcoholic drinks at your next party. Many of our favorite cannabis-infused beverage brands are fewer calories than other alcoholic beverages. Another great benefit is that you can enjoy the buzz from recreational cannabis faster because of the quick absorption rate. It’s also easy to monitor the dosing because each serving has a consistent amount of cannabis in it. Above all else, these new products are known for providing a tasty and refreshing flavor that makes them easy to enjoy in any setting.

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At Euflora we are constantly updating our inventory to give you the best new products on the market, so naturally we had to include our favorite cannabis-infused beverages for you to try. We’ve been serving Colorado since 2014 and have the expertise you want when buying quality cannabis. Come and visit us at any of our 6 locations to learn more and see our full product inventory.

Try a cannabis beverage at your next social gathering!

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