Welcome to Euflora Cannabis Company


Euflora's Mission

It is the goal of our knowledgeable and trained staff to offer each customer guidance to choose the right strain or product to meet their needs. We believe when properly used cannabis can transform lives by helping manage illness, enhance appetite, control chronic pain and alleviate many other symptoms that illness may cause. We are committed to the philosophy of enabling our clients to maintain or improve their health and well being by using natural remedies.

16th Street Mall's Only Marijuana Dispensary

Educating Our Customers

Through educating our customers we are creating growth of a positive culture of cannabis in Denver and beyond.

We are committed to helping improve the safety of our beloved 16 th St Mall by participating in community outreach and working with the Downtown Partnership to maintain safety, security and cleanliness. Education and Community participation are one of the biggest goals for Euflora to maintain a positive image.



The 'Apple Store' of Cannabis

One of Euflora’s innovations is having the marijuana in large plastic containers on display tables; containers that allow customers to closely examine and even smell the different buds without touching them. And right next to each sample container is a tablet computer with detailed and regularly updated information about each of the strains for sale.

Close to the Hot Spots

Euflora is proud to be in such an exclusive space surrounded by many  internationally known restaurants and an eclectic collection of bars, nightlife and live music.  Along with  major retail brand stores and many locally owned small businesses.


Our Partners

We have worked with the most innovative partners to bring you the best products available. Please visit our partners to find out more about their contribution.

Sweet Grass
O Pen
Dixie Elixirs
Blue Kudu
Dr Js
Caviar Kings