Cherry Lime Haze Hybrid

Cherry Lime Haze

Indulge yourself with a very sweet & uplifting smoke… accompanied by mellow, relaxing body tingles. The haze genetics create a nice balanced high, which isn’t too over stimulating. Definitely expect an elevated focus plus a happy, energy boost. This strain is categorized as a cerebral medicine. A great morning & mid-day treat! Nice, smooth creeper that feels very uplifting and soothing to both the mind and body.


16th St Mall, Hybrids
Sweet flavor profiles, made up of citrus-y lemon/lime + berries.
Dry Eyes, Dry Mouth


  • Balanced High
  • Body Tingles
  • Cerebral Medicine
  • Energetic
  • Energy Boost
  • Happy
  • Relaxing Body
  • Uplifting