Aspen OG Hybrid

Aspen OG

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Aspen OG is a Sativa dominant Hybrid, specifically grown in Colorado with genetics originally from California. An any time of day smoke! Aspen OG is a nicely balanced hybrid that provides an all over satisfactory high. Very smooth to smoke; accompanied by unique flavor profiles such as berries & candy. A wonderful strain to uplift your spirits & mind yet physically calm and relax your body. This strain is well suited for stress-relief and/or anxiety. Good for reducing pain as well. Expect a very euphoric overcast of feelings after taking a hit or two of Aspen OG.


Berries & Candy
Dry Eyes, Dry Mouth


  • All Over High
  • Anxiety
  • euphoric
  • Mind
  • Physically Calming
  • Reducing Pain
  • Smooth
  • Stress Relief
  • Uplifting